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Community Grants 2023 – District 1 Rainy River

Feb 01, 2024

Library adds more accessible resources with funding help from RTOERO district

Atikokan, February 1, 2024 – Seniors are gaining greater access to the Atikokan Public Library thanks to a $4,000 donation from District 1 Rainy River of RTOERO. The donation supports the acquisition of large-print books, subscription fees for online Hoopla and Canopy services beyond the library collection, and the purchase of e-readers for loan. The project includes workshops on e-readers and outreach to the Aspen Court Senior Living and Pioneer Centre.

The District 1 funding is part of RTOERO’s annual community grants program. Since 1968, RTOERO has been a voice for teachers, school and board administrators, educational support staff and college and university faculty in their retirement.

Our mission is to improve the lives of our members and seniors. RTOERO members also share a desire to give back. Each year, districts apply for grants to support community projects. For 2023, RTOERO funded 22 projects for a total of $85,270.

“It’s important to support seniors in our community who may have visual, auditory or mobility issues, or who may be homebound. For many, library resources are a great source of enjoyment, so we want to help expand them and make them as accessible as possible,” says Monica Armour, President, District 1 Rainy River, RTOERO.

Since the inception of the community grants program 23 years ago, RTOERO has donated almost $2 million to 550 programs and projects. A committee of RTOERO members assesses the merits of each grant submission.

“We encourage all RTOERO districts to support and partner with local organizations that are making a real difference on key issues,” says Martha Foster, chair of the board at RTOERO. “The projects we back advance things like environmental sustainability, healthy and active living, equity and community connections. In their careers and in retirement, RTOERO members have been dedicated to service, and the community grants program is another way to put that into action.”

District 1 Rainy River includes about 300 members, and covers the towns of Fort Frances, Rainy River and Atikokan and the communities in between. The district plays a key role in helping members stay engaged and connected, with each other and the community.

RTOERO is a bilingual trusted voice on healthy, active living in the retirement journey for the broader education community. With 84,000+ members in 51 districts across Canada, we are the largest national provider of non-profit group health benefits for education retirees. We welcome members who work in or are retired from the early years, schools and school boards, post-secondary and any other capacity in education. We believe in a better future, together!


Sylvia Parker Retired Teachers of Ontario Atikokan Unit President and Tracey Sinclair CEO Atikokan Public Library, display e-readers that have been purchased with the Retired Teachers of Ontario Community Grant.

Retired Teachers of Ontario members Dennis Brown (L) and Helen Cook (R) attend the library outreach session at Aspen Court presented by Atikokan Public Library CEO Tracey Sinclair.


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